Safelist Marketing

Largest Safelist Mailers

In most cases, you will not be able to send to then entire member base of any specific safelist mailer. However, each time you send a new message, it will randomly reach different members.

Million Leads For Free  (8.5 Million Members)

Pangea  (125,900+ Members)

Pangea 2  (92,500+ Members)

WebStars 2K  (86,000+ Members)

Herculist  (81,000+ Members)

Got Safelist  (49,000+ Members)

HotSpot Mailer  (41,000+ Members)

State of The Art Mailer (40,000+ Members)

Quantum Safelist (24,500+ Members)

Elite Safelist (18,300+ Members)

Best List Mailer (16,700 Members)

European Safelist  (16,700+ Members)

Dragon Safelist  (16,700+ Members)

ViralURL  (14,400+ Members)

Join all the sites above and you will have access to a pool of 9.1 million members. The list is updated from time to time, so you may want to bookmark this page.


Safelist Marketing Tips

Tip #1: The length of your safelist email message does not have to be as long and detailed as a solo email message. Reason being...safelists are incentivized. People are clicking primarily to earn credits. They are not so inclined to spend time reading your message between clicks.

A good headline, three to six bullet points highlighting your offer, and a strong call to action will usually get the job done. Plus, I and tens of thousands of others will appreciate not having to scroll through a page of copy to get to the credit link. 

More tips coming soon. Bookmark this page!

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Safelist Marketing Resources

These sites, tools and resources will help you put your safelist marketing efforts on overdrive. Many are free to use. 

Referral Frenzy gives you the ability to mail to 118 top safelist mailers (224,000 members) with just a few clicks. There is some initial setup required but after that, you will have a powerful marketing machine and a huge time saver.

Free Credits & Promo Codes

Join Website Traffic Bonanza and get 1,000 468x60 banner impressions. They also offer great deals on network ads.

Law of Attraction Traffic will give you $1 + 100 credits, 1,000 text ad impressions, and 1,000 banner impressions. Use Promo Code: Abundance after you sign up. You will also need to add a link and surf 50 pages.

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